What is a Soundpost Weekend?

Want to know what goes on at a Soundpost weekend? It’s certainly no ordinary weekend, but one that allows you to explore the music in your own way, it challenges your thinking and sends you away buzzing with new ideas.

You’ll arrive on Friday evening and will be greeted by a host of friendly Soundpost stewards and staff who will make sure the weekend runs smoothly. After a quick welcome in the village hall, it’s time to go on to one of our ‘Rolling Workshops’ led by tutors on the weekend which will wake you up and get you ready for the weekend ahead. Tutors are always a wonderful mix of people and, depending on the theme of the weekend will include: top folk musicians, academics, librarians, violin makers, folklorists and many more. After the workshops, it’s time for the sessions! These will be in The Royal pub and Village Hall and will usually cover a range of abilities or themes. You’ll probably stay in the pub singing or playing with people from all over the country until the pub shuts or its time for the last bus to Sheffield.

Bright and early next morning it’s time for workshops which you will have chosen in advance. These range from in-depth discussions to masterclasses on arranging or accompanying and even heated debate! There’s always something for everyone, no matter what ability you are – as long as you’re up for learning something new or seeing something from a different perspective. In the middle of the day there will be workshops, talks and sessions that you can drop in or out of in between food at the village hall or pub. Then it’s on to your next workshop. And if that wasn’t enough, you will also attend an amazing concert on Saturday night with a line-up jam packed with Soundpost tutors and of course a RAFFLE!

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Sunday will take much the same format as Saturday and by 4pm your brain will be completely full of new ideas to try at home. At this point everyone joins together in the village hall for our Farewell Concert where tutors and participants share things they have done over the weekend. This is a wonderful moment where we reminisce and look back over what will certainly have been a weekend of discovery and meeting new people. If you’ve got enough energy left, you can join us for a Survivor’s Session in the Royal.

As you can see, this isn’t your usual folk weekend and we hope it will inspire you delve deeper into folk music, try something new and consider new ideas. We will leave the final words to someone who has been to a number of our weekends:

“The weekends are special because the community feeling is cemented as the weekend goes on. I made friends and had good fun and interesting discussions with all the attendees I met. One can interact as little or as much as one likes – and everyone likes it more as time goes on. The tutors and music seem to enable a warm atmosphere that is unforced and makes socialising less threatening. I met a Derbyshire neighbour of mine quite by accident at a Dungworth event, and now we are good friends and attend the Royal Traditions and Sheffield carols together. I have made friends with other people who travel to Soundpost events regularly, as well as some locals in the villages in which Soundpost hosts its activities, and we stay in contact outside of Soundpost events.”