The Sheffield Carol Project

We were fortunate enough to gain funding from the Sheffield Town Trust and the University of Sheffield to run workshops celebrating the tradition of Sheffield Carols in schools.

The project entailed 5 hour-long rehearsals, led by Bryony Griffith and Nicola Beazley, culminating in a performance at Firth Hall with all the schools involved and special guests. Joined by Jon Boden and Bradfield Dungworth Primary School, there were over 100 school children involved.

One of the outputs of this project is a digital Advent calendar, featuring musicians from across the city and the children involved in this project. Follow the link to veiw all the videos from our #SheffieldCarolCountdown


The Sheffield carols, as they are known locally, predate modern carols by over a century and are sung with alternative wods and verses to those that we are more accustomed too.

Carols- many of which have folk roots- were considered too secular for inclusion in church services, and were not sung in churches until the end of th 18th century. However, they were already popular around the hearth at Christmas time. As a result there tends to be more regional variation in carol tunes.