The Ceilidh Project

We had a fabulous day in Phillimore Park Primary School in the South of the city, we’re taught around 120 school children to ceilidh dance!



The project entailed 4 hour-long practices, led by Jess Arrowsmith, Jenny Reid and Nicola Beazley, culminating in a ceilidh with their class teachers.

We worked with two classes of year 2s and year 4s, the children were taught 3 dances each and were given the opportunity to create their own dance moves!13509390_10209372054916397_701173715_o

For the ceilidh we created a wonderful band with some students from the University of Sheffield Music Department, who introduced the different instruments and talked about going to University, providing a fantastic role model for the children.

13523740_10209372051796319_626283173_oHuge thanks to our fantastic tutors and our wonderful students for doing such a brilliant job! Thanks also to the teachers at the school for their support and enthusiasm in joining.

Lastly, biggest thanks to the children through themselves into the dances with true spirit and danced their hearts out- I think they all slept well that night!