House songs

House songs are sung intermittently throughout the evening. Words will be out on the night, but if you want to get a head start you can download them from here:

House Songs

Here are some rough recordings of some of the house songs to give you a head start if you fancy learning them:

White Cockade

Sweet Nightingale

Spencer the Rover

Grey Goose and Gander

House Tunes

We play house tunes (and anything else anyone fancies playing) for about half an hour at the start of the night (7.30-8.00), and sometimes during the session at the end. Feel free to bring instruments along, and here’s the dots if you want them:

House Tunes – Notation

And here’s some audio recordings:

House Tunes 1

House Tunes 2

House Tunes 3

House Tunes 4